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  1. Mike

    Thanks for the info. I have been looking everywhere for info on this topic. Where are the stops at Pearl Harbor? I stopped by the Iriquios Point dock today to see if I could get any information but the only thing that I was able to find was the small sign with the schedule. I was wondering where Alpha, Charlie, Sierra – 9, and Merry Point are? Additionally, was the boat at max capacity? I am active duty army and based on the fact that Active Duty Navy and Navy civilians have priority do you think I will be stranded? I live in Kapolei now and start working at Camp Smith in June. I am thinking about leaving my motorcycle on Pearl Harbor and driving my car to ther ferry. Anythhing sounds better than sitting in the H1 gridlock. I will miss the convenience of going back and fourth to Wheeler Army Airfield.

  2. todd

    Hi Mike,

    The only stop that I’ve gotten off on is Charlie dock (I’ll email you the google map). An AF weather Lt. that I know who works at Camp Smith, rides the boat every morning. He parks his car in the lot at Charlie dock. From what he told me, he’s never been stranded. So far this week, the boat has been totally packed for every trip. But, I don’t think anybody has been left behind … even the retirees and dependents, who are lower priority than us.

    All in all, it’s been a fairly stress free experience. Like you said, much, much better than crawling along the H1 for an hour.

  3. YC

    This sounds like not only a great way to save time and money what with a free ride, it certainly makes the commute much more interesting in a way. You certainly don’t get to see the same things on a boat compared to being caught in road traffic. Must be much more peaceful as well. Wish it was less urban here in my part of the woods…

    YC’s last blog post..Bad Weather Forecasts And Strange January Heat In Singapore

  4. todd

    Hi YC,

    Oh yea, it’s a good ride. I’m going to miss it next week when I go back to work and have to drive. No boat to middle of Island. :)

  5. todd

    Aloha Lynn,

    I’ve seen Hawaii Threads, but never really dug into the conversation. Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve registered, and hope to get in on some of the discussions once it’s approved.

    Talk to you again soon

  6. Dogdazed

    Man Todd – this is the info I’ve been looking for. Thanks! We are moving to Oahu in August ’08 and are looking over areas to live. It looks like the Ewa side is the most affordable (buy or rent – we have pets), but the commute sounds horrible. I’d heard there is a ferry, but the only info I could find is on the WikiWike ferry from Iroquois point. I think it is discontinued though, and I think it went to Honolulu. Do you know anything about that one? I’m a AF mil dependent, so I could ride the Grey boat, but would need a bus to Honolulu. Is that possible? Again, thanks for the info.

  7. todd


    Hi .. yes, the bus does stop right there at Pearl Harbor where the boat drops you off. That being said, depending on what you spouses rank is, it may actually make more sense for you to look into living on base … especially if you plan to work in Honolulu. On base housing is very easy to obtain here in Hawaii … most don’t have a waiting list. If you’re getting a very large housing allowance, you can possibly pocket a few extra dollars living in a place like Iroquois Point. But, after you factor in utilities, extra gas, and extra time spent traveling, it’s almost a wash. I may actually move on base, either or Hickam or Schofield at some point myself sometime this year.

    Hope this helps,

  8. Mary

    I lived at Iroquois Point many years ago (mid to late 70s) when it was Navy housing. When I worked Civil Service at Pearl Harbor, I totally enjoyed my daily boat ride. It was a relaxing and beautiful way to start the work day. When I moved to the Mainland, I had vivid memories of the view of the Arizona Memorial, the gentle breeze, the rainbows and the smell of the ocean air. So glad I moved back here!!

  9. Lorie Caratenuto

    I was fortunate enough to live on Iroquois Point twice. I lived on 102nd as a child and on Ibis as a teenager. I was the luckiest kid in the world. When I was 15, I took the boat across and volunteered at the dispensary…AWESOME! We also lived on Ewa Planatation. Our church used the property for their (my) high school. It just doesn’t get any cooler.

    My dad was with NSGA at Pearl Harbor. Now, I’m a 40 year old college student filling the minds of my children with my own memories of paradise. I love your pictures and share your love of the island.

  10. kaila

    well im helping some friends on their project. and there topic is military. i need some help. couple quesitons were why is military important in hawaii? and some pro’s and con’s about having the military in hawaii? if so, and u email me. and i would be very happy for your help.. thanks

  11. Kanan

    Can I have the google map link. Is there ample parking? What is the intersection?
    Thanks for posting this info.

  12. todd


    For Kanan, and anybody else that was interested, please see that I’ve posted a link above to a new post with the Grey Boat Schedule, and a few maps.


  13. Brian Michel

    lived at iriquois point as a kid in the early 70’s at the end of 109th next to the fire lane and the “boonies” anyone remember the boonies? what a blast as a kid to get to explore that kind of stuff! used to take the “launch” as it was known back then. ended up takin the wrong one off of the arizona and ended up in pearl city! Lost! Man, sure wish i could go back and do it all again. Alas…….

    1. aloha

      Hi Brian,

      I know how you feel. I also lived here when I was a kid in the 70s .. but over at Hickam. I’ve been back to see my old house several times. My most recent visit was very likely the last time I’ll see that old house. That whole housing area is due to be torn down … plus I’m leaving Hawaii again in April.

      Oh well, we’ll always have our memories.


  14. Ed

    I’d like to beat traffic after dropping my daughter at day care and taking the boat. Anyone know if:
    (1) Where I can park my car (safely)
    (2) I can bring my bike


  15. Nate

    What great memories! I was there 70-73 as a Marine brat at IPES. Remember the boonies well, also fishing off the dock for Hammerheads and Puffers. I don’t remember where it was, but there used to be a Apollo capsule when boarding the launch

  16. Jason

    Thanks for the post. One search is all it took to find out about that little grey boat. I love the net!

  17. Steve


    Can anyone tell me if the boat service is still operational and if there are any plans to close it down?

  18. Chris


    I too lived in Iroquois Pt. back then. In fact, we lived on 108th St. from 1969 – 1981. Remember the boonies well! And I had to take the “launch” to Radford for summer school in `77. What memories! : )


  19. Brian Michel

    Nate/Chris, That is so cool, we were neighbors! Remember fries for a dime at the beach snack bar? always a little sand but who cared!! there was a lagoon you had to cross on the way to the beach that was good fishing too. We used to hop the boonie fence and run around the ammo dump and get the guys on guard duty to chase us. What fun as a kid! we once found a push go-cart back there, my brother was pushing me around on it, and those damn white scorpions started pouring out of the seat i was sitting on!!! YIKES!

  20. Eric

    Hello out there. I am considering moving out to Ewa (Ocean Point, Puuloa) but will be working on PH. I plan on commuting by bicycle, does anyone know if taking a bike is allowed on the grey boat ferry? Thanks in advance.

    1. Viki

      I hear no bikes are allowed on ferry

  21. Jennifer Bell

    Hi Todd:

    Thanks so much for this info. Before we left San Diego I had searched for information about these services, but was unable to find such. We are stuck at temporary housing at Kaneohe Bay (filthy, by the way!), and looking for a home for the next two years.

    My question is this: do you know if there is a shuttle that runs from the Hickam stop to Camp Smith. My husband is stationed there for two years. This would really help if it’s available. I can’t seem to find any information about these services. (Heaven forbid I get into the car and drive to Hickam and ASK!!) :)

    Thanks in advance for any info you provide!

  22. Tip

    I would like to know if you can bring a bike as well or if you can lock up a bike at the navy shipyards. I’ll be moving out to oahu this fall and trying to find a convenient way to beat traffic and find cheap housing.

  23. Eric

    Jennifer – There is a bus that runs from Ford Island to Camp Smith but it doesn’t leave until a little after 8am. There is also a bus stop at (I think) Charlie landing, it may go to Camp Smith.

    Tip – You can lock you bike up on the Ewa Beach Side (Lima Landing). There are several bike racks and the area seems pretty secure. If you are working in the Pearl Harbor area you can not beat living in Ewa and riding the bike/ferry to work. I do it almost every day. If you are still looking for cheap housing look into the Waterfront at Puuloa, I don’t live there so I can’t comment on the quality of housing but I know it starts at like $1500 a month for rent.

  24. Eric

    BTW to future visitors, you cannot take a bicycle on the ferry. Trust me I asked. Happy commuting!

  25. Karen

    I am thinking about moving to Iroquois Point, we are eligible to use the grey boat ferry. Does anyone know where the ferry stops on Ford Island?

  26. Viki

    Wondering if Waterfront at Puuloa is a dump. After reading on Yelp, it sounds like it’s run down Section 8, etc.
    I need nice housing with 2 cats, coming from Tucson to live with my Navy daughter in December. I will be a Navy brat :)

  27. Joe

    Just wanted to update that the ferry no longer docks at Iroquois point and that it still runs, just from Westlock Base which is located just outside Iroquois housing. The times have also changed, the first boat departs at 0545 and has sevaral runs. The afternoon has sevaral runs as well starting at 1500 ,I believe you could check with Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard MWR for schedule and times.

  28. Beverly Vance

    Thanks for the info. are bikes.allowed?

  29. Jenny

    Hi, are the grey boats still running? A realtor told me otherwise, so I am limited to looking very close to base but I like the Ewa Beach area. I also can’t find any directions to ride my bike to the grey boats…what street is the dock off of?

    Thanks a million,

    1. Jenny

      I just now noticed the updated info. Disregard my question then, thanks.