60 responses to “Welcome To Ali AB (COB Adder) Iraq”

  1. Mike

    Hi Todd, well Uncle Sam certainly seems to look after you guys. I would guess your British colleagues are a tad jealous?
    .-= Mike´s last blog ..Elephant Trek Northern Thailand Photo/Image =-.

  2. JL Palmetto

    Todd, what are all the flags on that mural? (countries)

  3. JL Palmetto

    Lower right is Italy? I was wonder about
    Romania or Andorra.

  4. JL Palmetto

    You can never tell with paint colors,
    most especially with fading in the
    desert sun.

    I also at first thought the white on
    the left was part of a flag, so that
    really confused me (she being the
    easily confused type LOL!!!!!!!!!!).

  5. Lonnie Taber

    The 3 gyms do you no good if you live on the south side!!!!

  6. daniel dresen

    Good information. I will be there in a few months.

  7. Barbara Sears

    My son Daniel is on location there also. Good to have a frame of reference to the area and what is available.

  8. R

    Hey do you all have internet in your chu’s? My husband’s unit is coming over there soon & I’m hoping COB Adder will be similar to his last deployment… Also any word on whether they’re going to start breaking things down bc of the “pull out”? Thanks!

  9. Barbara Sears

    We stateside folks resort to diverse items for information about Iraq. I work in a Library and found a DVD about Marines. It had some video from the first troops to enter Iraq/Baghdad (2003) and Fallujah. Giving some viewpoint of the country and battles. Quite a learning experience. Scary without truely being in the fight. Not for the faint of heart.

  10. SPC Creed


    I don’t know if our unit is the one replacing yours or not, but we just got here, and I wish that I’d read your blog while we were still in Kuwait! Awesome job describing the things to do around the base and how the base functions – everything you wrote is spot on!

    Fight to win!
    .-= SPC Creed´s last blog ..Bloggin’ ain’t easy =-.

  11. icpayne

    I found your article to be most informative. I live in Memphis, Tn. My grandson has just been deployed to Iraq. Presently, he is in Kuwait and awaiting orders for his trip to Iraq. How dangerous is it in Adder? He is going to be a military policeman. I pray for his and others safety.ic

  12. SFC Giles

    My guys just arrived there a few days ago. They are 1BN 116 INF out of VA assigned to TF Overlord I believe. I didn’t make the mission for medical reasons but I wanted to see what I could expect if I had made it. If you see one of my guys, they will be the ones with the yin yang patches, tell them I asked about them. I look forward to your updates.

  13. Kim Robinson

    As a mother having a son in processing and will be going to your camp next week it was nice to read about the living conditions. I do feel some what better Thanks for serving our country..

  14. SPC Robinson

    Thank you for the info and it what helpful. I have a few questions…..How are the showering facilities? Is there a laundry facility where i can do my own laundry or do i have to turn it in by another organization? Is there a wireless phone provider on post or should i get a phone while in Kuwait?

  15. andre jones

    I am a soldier’s Angel and my soldier is stationed here. I am ready to send packages and write letters. It is helpful to know where and what kind of facilities are there. you have been helpful.

  16. Benjamin

    I’ve been here a month…where’s the hookah bar?

  17. Alexander

    I was wondering it you could tell me it internet was available in the CHU’s or not. Or do you have to go a facility that has computers and internet for you.

  18. Dawn

    Do you know when COB Adder will shut down? I am working with Books w Soldiers and want to send a pkg over, but am wondering when the ‘drawing down’ will be complete? Is there somewhere on the internet that posts that sort of thing? Thanks for any help!

  19. DOD/Contractor

    I am currently at Adder and Todd’s information is very accurate. The amenities scheduled to be completed over at LA10 have still not been done…typical KBR. I’ve not seen the AF amenities yet, but look forward to wandering over there when I have time.

    Dawn, I’m told you can can continue sending books until 31 December 2011.

  20. Melissa

    Thanks Todd. My son (Army) left tonight on his third tour in Iraq and will be stationed at COB Adder. Guess I won’t have to worry about him getting enough to eat or having enough to do! He was raised in New Orleans, so he will love having a Popeye’s nearby. Thanks again for the info.

  21. Meg

    Thanks for the info!
    I’ll be heading over in a few months… it will be intersting to see how things have changes with the drawdown. (Hopefully not too much.)

  22. Bill Wright

    My son-in-law is on his way there now and I told him to look for the Red Horse unit. Are there any Red Horse people there at Adder? Its a Air Force construction unit.

  23. Marc

    Thanks for Serving, as for myself I left COB Adder this past June, I was the NCOIC of HEREOS DFAC. If you happend to be still on COB Adder, stop by and tell them I said “HI!” unfortunately I don’t have anyone’s email address.
    COB Adder was my 2nd tour… and my last as I will be retireing living condiction then my last tour 04/05 up in FOB Spiecher, but not by much! LOL well Take Care,, Marc

  24. Jhon

    I was there in 2008, and your right it wasn’t a bad place to be deployed in. Sounds like nothing has changed since then except for a new BX/PX and a Gym. I was still living in a tent back then as they were building the new CHUs. Australians were just pulling out and we were friends with the Romanians on Camp Dracula. They make some great food by the way.

    P.S. my name is spelled correctly.

  25. Jackie

    Thank you for the information, that and the repplies have made me feel much better about my husbands deploment to COB Adder. I am putting together a picture board about Iraq for our 5 children so that they will get a sense of where dad is. This site is very helpful, again thank you-

  26. Linda Barnes

    Hi Todd, My Daugther just went over so it helps to hear and read all that I can. So thank you for your information.

  27. Joe Martucci

    my son just got there in feb. this year (2011) thanks for the info
    I don’t feel as bad for him now, just the job IS a little risky!! DUH!!!
    love more pics as you are allowed to post them,
    i’m on face book do you post stuff there?
    thanks again
    proud daddy of a PV2

  28. Mike Joyce

    Good morning or afternoon from The MEDEVAC side of the house, i am looking for the Materials Building on base. I was told thats where the stockpiles of gym equipment is located. our shifts are all the time and on a 3min. recall. so we are trying to build a mini/crossfit gym in our neck of the “dust”. any Ideas ?

  29. Amanda

    Great blog and information about Adder! I was looking up information about Adder on google and your blog came up. My husband is about to go through his first tour there and I was eager to get some type of information about the weather conditions and how long mail would take to get there etc…but since it’s being shut down soon, I am worried communication will be slim to none by Christmas time; which is awful since he recently became a new father 3 weeks ago and he will be missing his daughters first christmas….but hey thats the military for ya. Any positive info you have for him would be greatly appreciated :)
    Best wishes and thank you for serving our great nation!
    -fellow military family

  30. Tom

    I believe your husband will be just fine. There’s no apparent downsizing going on here, just the opposite. As for the weather, temps have been in the 120’s all week except for today when the sandstorm kicked up.

  31. Lorna Wille

    I just found this site and wanted you to know how very informative it is and really do appreciate it. I have a niece stationed at COB Adder for her 2nd tour in Iraq and should be returning state side Spring of 2012. Thanks to you, my niece,and all the other service personnel serving our great country! May God bless you all!

  32. Julie

    Thanks for the post, Todd. I recently became one of those “Soldier’s Angels” and now I don’t know what to send him since it looks like he has everything he needs! Do you have any suggestions now that it isn’t Summer anymore?

  33. Christian

    Hey man. I spent 6 months at Adder with the RED HORSE unit there. I loved my time there. I saw recently on CNN it’s now a ghost town. It’s a shame. A lot of good memories there.

  34. saud

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