4 responses to “How to keep a Toddler Quiet for Hours”

  1. City Sylvester

    I personally couldn’t stand the purple guy when I was a kid. He creeped me out a little I’ll admit :) but I have a younger nephew who enjoys watching a dinosaur dance and sing. He’s learning so much from watching these videos I could never deny him from a Barney fix.

    Cheers friend.

  2. Jeff

    ha ha! indeed, that’s barney’s true contribution to society, but it’s a good one! sorry, great one!

  3. Karen

    Hey, at this point anything that will keep my kids quiet I am all for. For my sanity and the happiness of all around. When you have things to get done around the house and to also teach the kids that they have to find their own entertainment at time. Mom and dad also have things that must be done.