17 responses to “Our Day at the San Antonio Riverwalk”

  1. Lin

    Todd, those are great pictures of San Antonio’s River Walk and the Alamo. We’ve been there a few times and I never get enough of the beauty of the River Walk and surrounding areas. The boat ride is so much fun, so hopefully you’ll be able to do that sometime soon without the stroller.

    The architecture of the many buildings surrounding the River Walk are stunningly beautiful. Seeing The Alamo and walking through it is pretty cool, but since we’ve seen it several times already, our latest trip there didn’t include the Alamo visit.

    Have you been to Bandera yet, and seen the gorgeous Hill Country out that way? That’s definitely a Camera Ready must trip because the hills and winding roads are spectacular. Taking that little trip around the hill country areas during the fall, when the leaves on the trees change colors….oooooh, simply beautiful. That’s a trip I want to take again in a few months.

  2. Kathy

    That looks a great and your visit here has been fun and exciting.

    I think now the San Antonio Riverwalk is bigger and better than ever before. Did you ever get a chance to visit the new Museum Reach portion of the Riverwalk?

  3. Kelly

    Just stumbled across your blog. Lovely family! I was stationed at Ft. Sam Houston back in the early 80s, and loved hanging out down on the Riverwalk, so your pictures brought back some great memories for me. Next time you make it down, be sure and visit the zoo – it’s really great!

  4. Kathy

    What a great blog. I was actually doing research for my next trip to San Antonio and stumbled across your lovely family and photos. Every time I’ve visited the Riverwalk I am amazed at its beauty – i feel like I am in another country. I agree with Kelly about the zoo!!! Thank you for a walk down memory lane.

  5. mark

    Great Blog, can’t wait to visit San Antonio next month, Thank you for sharing the information and photos.

  6. Holly Jahangiri

    To answer your question with a question, “Why haven’t I been to yours?” (Not a clue. Heather’s the glue.) Beautiful pics of San Antonio! And if you go up into the hill country, look for Stonehenge and the heads from Easter Island. Think I’m kidding? Just don’t drive around there in a thunderstorm, because if that’s your first glimpse of them – in a flash of lightning, it’ll creep you out in ways you can’t even imagine now. Trust me on that.

    Hi. Nice blog. :)

    Oh, and you didn’t miss much, not going inside the Alamo. You can find a book, with pictures. Just being there – well, you’ll remember it, now, won’t you?

    1. Heather Kephart

      Eh? Suppose it’s better to be called the glue than the foo’.

      1. Holly Jahangiri

        Hah! I pity the foo’ – but have yet to find any reason whatsoever to pity YOU. ; Todd and I were just wondering why we’d never visited each other’s blogs, despite occasionally chattering on together over at YOURS. Thus my likening you to glue. Figured you’d like that better than some of the metaphors I could come up with.

        1. Holly Jahangiri

          Just an aside, in rereading that comment, it strikes me as being a little Where’s Waldo?-ish. Why? you ask? Because my love of semicolons, my penchant for gleefully tossing them around like confetti is legendary. And I just found a stray peeping out from between a period and a consonant, just like Waldo – where you’d LEAST expect him.

          Send him done when he’s through being silly, will you?

  7. Heather Kephart

    Beautiful pictures! I envy your talent. I got all misty when I saw the photo of Ana holding Jaiden’s hand outside the Alamo. She so reminds me of my little Lily.