4 responses to “How To Make A Custom Facebook Welcome Page”

  1. Rosabel

    I never actually knew that we could do this on FB. I am familiar with HTML and CSS – the basic stuff at least – so will be definitely giving this a go! Thanks for your clear instructions!! Really informative and useful!

  2. Mark

    Thanks, FB does a terrible job of explaining how to do this. I’m still trying to figure out how to post as a fan page!

  3. Sire

    Good to see you’ve finally got this step by step tutorial posted Todd. Give me a few weeks when I, hopefully, will have some spare time on my hands and I will give it a go.

    Once it’s up I’ll come back to show you the fruits of my labor. Reckon you’re hoping those instructions are good enough for this old Aussie to understand ;)

  4. Vi

    Thanks for tutorial. It is one thing to do on my agenda. Did you created your FB page as community page or as official page?