7 responses to “Getting Fit In 2011 With My Friend Brent”

  1. Michael Martel

    Good luck with the fitness plan. I just put a post up on my blog about New Year’s resolutions. It is best to break them down into SMART goals.
    I have done the Ads Diet book before and it is effective. I am current following Tim Ferris’ Four Hour Body book. It is something different. I am a fan of low carb, high protein in any case.
    In any case, go for it.

  2. Sire

    Hey Todd, I don’t do resolutions mate, I never have.

    I can see how it may work for some but it’s just never appealed to me.

    I reckon that FB idea may help to keep your mate motivated.

    I converted my kids cubby into my own personal gym and it’s been sitting there idle for quite some years. My problem is that every time I started to work out something would happen putting a halt to my routine and I really need a routing when working out.

    Anyway, I’m finally out of my business and I’ve got some free time on my hands and so I’ve started to work out again. That first day nearly killed me. Reckon I tried too much too soon. I almost didn’t do the next one because I didn’t want to feel like that again. I pushed my way through though and I didn’t lighten the load one bit.

    I’m still working out, although those hot days like today, 41C, I cut the workout times to half or less. I basically just work my arms and chest. Man, I still love that burn feeling and seeing how the muscles look when they’re really pumped.

    Happy New Year mate.

  3. doncorti

    i started my own diet since 1st of january and after almost 2 weeks, i can see some results. now i love to eat healty and do some runs in the morning.

  4. huizen curacao

    I also love to eat healthy food, the only problem is (and I think it’s a disgrace) that healty food is so expensive. Often I’m forced to eat fastfood just because I don’t got a choice. Sounds a bit like a excuse, but I think many people can identify with this.

    I hope all of you can reach your goals!