5 responses to “Iroquois Point to Pearl Harbor Grey Boat Schedule”

  1. David

    So I take it there are no ferrys in which to take your car? Also, in your pics I see a lot of bikes parked in front… are you not able to take bikes as well?

  2. Andrea

    Thanks for the great info. This is a bit off topic but I was wondering what your experience has been living in Iroquois Point. We are an army family that will be moving to the island and are considering this community. We would appreciate any scoop. :)

    1. denise jackson

      Hi Andrea…I am in the same boat as you and was wondering if you can pass some info along to me also. I see the posting was back in 2009 so are you now living in the community? thanks dj

  3. Liz

    Is the grey boat still running? The last post was back in May & I wasn’t sure if it stopped bc the other ferry going into town did. Thanks!

  4. j

    where is alpha point in ford ?