18 responses to “Ail AB Iraq Flagpole – Picture A Day”

  1. Costa

    Hi Mate,

    Happy New Year.

    Hope things are cool over in Iraq these days.
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  2. JL Palmetto

    Happy New Year!

    I have seen 365 days photoblogs and they are great.

    This blog http: //onceisawadragonfly. blogspot. com/
    used to have some 365s in her blogroll, but they don’t
    seem to be there any more. There are some other cool
    pic blogs in the blogroll, tho.

    Todd, can you play video there? There is a nice
    NYTimes blog with good still shots, but it’s in video

  3. SHZ

    Hi! Happy New Year!

    You actually went to Iraq and woke up in the wee ours of the morning just to get you shot? That is one determination.

    Don’t feel like writing? Haha… sounds familiar to me. It happens to me all the time and I don’t quite favor it. I’m trying to make it a point to post an entry each day but if I do so when I don’t really have the mood, my post would suck… so… you get what I mean right? Hahahaha…

    All the best for 2010… Have a great year ahead of you!

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  4. Summer

    Happy New Year! I joined the 365 Flickr group, I doubt I’ll post the pictures to my blog though.
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  5. Lissie

    That’s a cool idea – but I missed the first day already in New Zealand! I am hankering after a new camera at the moment – but I am not buying it for at least a month because I want to fund it from the passive income profits – maybe I will start with the photo a day once I have the camera!
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  6. Beth

    Firstly, THANK YOU for everything you do! My husband is in the army and I know it always makes him happy/proud when people take the time to thank him. Or maybe it just makes me happy…. either way…. Thanks. :)

    An amazing first picture!!! 365 is a tedious process. I do look forward to seeing your pictures and I will now be following your blog. I can’t wait to see what you write and what you take pictures of. Good luck and take care!
    .-= Beth´s last blog ..A Clean Slate =-.

  7. Ari

    Hey! I’m so excited to see you doing the picture a day project! And Iraq, now you must surely have quite the experience over there – I’m definitely going to have to follow along to keep track of your pictures.

    Oh and you don’t have to be on flickr to do it… flickr is just a nice little support group of people that help you and encourage you. You can totally post your pics here. (But if you do post them on flickr, look for the group 365: the 2010 edition, it’s pretty great already)

    Btw, this is a great pic to start the year… love the motion in the flags!

    Oh and uh… what lenses do you have??

  8. Josh

    You take some amazing photos thats for sure. I admire good photography and wish I had the skills and equipment to follow suit.
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