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  1. SHZ

    I like plan number 3 – taking pictures and using them as inspiration for new posts. That way, I can still enjoy reading your blog. All the best with your plans… :)
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  2. Grandma


    I wish I could remember where I read something along the lines of how people can make money online with their own photos by selling the rights to them. I don’t know if that is going on at Flickr or what, but it crossed my mind when I read your post. Heck, if you can make a few bucks from the pictures you’re taking…why not?

    As per the new goals…go for you. Focus is one of my goals for 2010 as well, but incorporated into several different areas.

    “Ana determined it for me”….regarding the changes coming….hahaha…my kinda woman. ;)
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  3. Lin

    Right after reading your post about the importance of Focus, I came across Michael Martine’s newest post that is very closely related to what you’re saying here.

    I think for many of us with blogs, 2010 will be all about finding out how to focus in on achieving the goals we’ve set for ourselves and our blogs, whether they be personal blogs or business blogs.

    I don’t think you’d mind me sharing the link to Michael’s post here:

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  4. Josh

    Focus is key, knowing exactly what you want and by when is a major part of success. You are right the Vic model is quite time intensive and is not easy with a lack of time to spend on the model.

    I wish you lucky with the candle site and think that having a couple flagship sites is another perfect way to make a living online.

    Congrats on the 20+ years. Being an Air Force Brat myself I know what it takes to dedicate that much to our country. Thank you for your service.
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  5. Buffalo Dave

    First, congrats on the 20 year Air Force career. I offer you my sincere appreciation for what you and others like you do so that we may live so well and so free in this great country.

    20 years means you were in during the first shit storm in Iraq.

    Side note: I have an uncle who is a Lt. Col. in the Air Force. Nothing is cooler than walking around an Air Force base when you are a kid. Every time we walked past anyone they would stop dead in their tracks and salute him. When you are a kid it is really cool to see everyone do that. He also used to get us kick ass seats at airshows that were right near the runway. That was a long time ago though (decades). Things are probably different now.

    Anyways, I agree that focus is absolutely key to finding success in any endeavor whether it is a business pursuit or even something like trying to lose weight. If you find it easier to focus on building your candle business, then maybe you should dedicate more time for it. Just look for ways to inject leverage into that candle business somehow so that you can earn dividends many times over for each hour you dedicate to it.
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